Canciones Domingo, 16 de Junio del 2019

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Welcome To This World

Interprete: Primus

Album Pork Soda

Oh, welcome to this world of fools
Of pink champagne & swimming pools
Well, all you have to lose is your virginity
Perhaps we'll have some fun tonight so stick around & take a bite of life
We don't need feebleness in this proximity

Ask good macduff & donalbain, so many good ideas are slain
By those who would dare not step out of line
But if i have my way tonight & chances are i think i might-
I'll turn those sour minds to grapes of wine

Welcome to this world

Don't judge the boy by what you hear
The words are heard beyond the ear
The heart & mind are focus for this conversation
But be abound in mystery for that so much you do to me
For there are those who drown in adulation


If i had a dime for each time that i heard them preach
Well i'd have wicked thoughts upon my brain

  • Título de la canción: Welcome To This World
  • Album de la canción: Pork Soda
  • Interprete de la canción: Primus
  • Idioma:
  • Video: No