Canciones Jueves, 23 de Mayo del 2019

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  • Accionistas de Amazon respaldan venta de tecnología de reconocimiento facial a la policía.
  • Boeing no ha presentado formalmente las correcciones del 737 MAX, dice regulador de EEUU
  • La Fed cree que se atenuaron los riesgos económicos
  • Ecuador firma contratos para exploración petrolera por 1.170 millones de dólares
  • En plena ofensiva conservadora, Nevada y Vermont protegen derecho a abortar

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Counting Sheep

Interprete: Collin Raye

Album unknown

(robert ellis orrall)

I'm counting the cracks on the wall by my bed
¡®cause i can't get to sleep
And my mother said
To try counting sheep as they're jumpin' the fence
But the fence has a hole
And the sheep snuck out
Their tails are wagging
Back & forth in celebration
Farmer sam is calling out their names
But he's yelling to loud & i can't get to sleep
And it's all on account
Of those runaway sheep
Now they're out in the woods eating ice-cream & cake
Dancing ¡®round & around
That's why i'm awake
Unless i'm dreaming
This is all to silly to be really happening
They've all got party hats
Every one of those sheep has a bell on it's neck
Going ring-a-ding-ding
I'm a nervous wreck
They're ringing so loud
Tell me why it won't stop
A familiar sound
Just like my alarm clock
Hey no wonder
I can hear mom say good morning
Time for breakfast
Tell me what you dreamed

  • Título de la canción: Counting Sheep
  • Album de la canción: unknown
  • Interprete de la canción: Collin Raye
  • Idioma:
  • Video: No