Canciones Jueves, 25 de Abril del 2019

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  • Cepal advierte que América Latina incumplirá agenda de desarrollo de la ONU.
  • Construcción de nuevo aeropuerto de México empezará el próximo lunes, dice AMLO
  • Twitter agrega función que permite reportar tuits que engañen a los votantes
  • El BID aprueba desembolso de USD 500 millones para Ecuador
  • Usuarios de Twitter en EEUU son más jóvenes y mejor educados que la población general

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Interprete: Rob Zombie

Album unknown

Leatherneck'n down the street like
"hey i'm joyrid'n" like a bad dog
- come on "burn in!" x 2 demon got
My soul & i said "drive!" come on -
Speed kills - but i'm alive yeah! in my
Durango 95 yeah! casino on the
Edge she move like a twister gravity
Crank - solo my sista - come on - she
Said "take me away" away away
Shout! i'm deadly on the eyes an
Astro-spyder, baby-a powertripp'n
No - no - no - maybe? come on -
Angel trumpets again yeah!
Motherfucker scream "horrorshow"
Time a diamond ass right on my line
Come on - she said "take me away"
Away away yeah! burning like fat in the fire the smell
Of red, red groove screamed mega-flow - a stalking
Ground without prey - a flash of superstition
Whimpering like a crippled animal - dogs of the soul-
Crusher - pulling closer like the blue steel jaws of hell -
Digg'n in my heart i find a human generator - duke of
N.y. see yeah! eliminator all you need is love - yeah! like
A cool & crazy freak machine she twanged off and
Out like i never seen - i gonna take her - take her
Down, down, down watch out! shack'n out in my skin -
Flesh 'n' waves they begin - i going out like a holiday
(shout it!) then my mind generate a weepy young "d" to
Terminate - takin' a trip - i said, "straight to hell"
(shout it!) real country dark the street - hog the road -
Swamp the beat - she gonna know just what i mean -
Yeah! trip back on the serpent move z-man slowly bang
The groove - takin' a trip - "a real kick" to hell (shout it!)
Think'n that when she die - spirit go up to the sky - devil
Come a stepp'n-brainiac a look'n below - yeah! (shout it!)

  • Título de la canción: Soul-crusher
  • Album de la canción: unknown
  • Interprete de la canción: Rob Zombie
  • Idioma:
  • Video: No